Manuals for classic cameras

This page contains links to camera manuals for a selection of classic cameras (well, old cameras anyhow).

The manuals have been prepared from (photo)copies of the original manuals I have come across. The text and diagrams have been kept as close to the originals as is reasonable; where appropriate I have kept an indication of the pagination of the originals. I have corrected some spelling mistakes and obvious misprints.

F & S Marriott's site has a lot of online manuals for old cameras.

The Manuals

Ensign E29

A box camera which used the now obsolete 129 size film.

Olympus Pen EE-S

A half-frame 35mm camera with an excellent lens and automatic exposure.

Olympus Trip 35

A 35mm camera with an excellent lens and automatic exposure using the distinctive Olympus 'electric eye'.

Pentax Auto 110

An SLR using 110 film, with automatic exposure.

Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest site has more information about this camera than you'd ever need.

Voigtlander Brilliant

A twin lens reflex (TLR) taking twelve 6cm x 6cm negatives on 120 film.

Roland and Caroline have a page of information and history of the Brilliant.